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SEC Filings

WASHINGTON PRIME GROUP INC. filed this Form S-8 on 05/20/2019
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Based on and subject to the foregoing and to the other qualifications, assumptions and limitations set forth herein, we are of the opinion that all necessary corporate action on the part of the Company has been taken to authorize the issuance and sale of the Shares to be issued in accordance with the Plan and that, when (a) the Shares have been issued and sold as contemplated in the Registration Statement and related prospectus and in accordance with the Plan and any applicable award agreement, and (b) where applicable, the consideration for the Shares specified in the Plan and any applicable award agreement has been received by the Company, the Shares will be validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable.


We do not express any opinion herein with respect to the laws of any jurisdiction other than, subject to the limitations and assumptions contained herein, the laws of the State of Indiana.


This opinion speaks only as of the date the Registration Statement becomes effective under the Act, and we assume no obligation to revise or supplement this opinion thereafter. This opinion is limited to the specific issues addressed herein, and no opinion may be inferred or implied beyond that expressly stated herein.


We hereby consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement. In giving this consent, we do not thereby admit that we are within the category of persons whose consent is required under Section 7 of the Act or the rules and regulations of the Commission thereunder.




Very truly yours,





By:      /s/ Janelle Blankenship                             

           Janelle Blankenship, Partner