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SEC Filings

WASHINGTON PRIME GROUP INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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Other Policies
The following is a discussion of our investment policies, financing policies, conflicts of interest policies and policies with respect to certain other activities. One or more of these policies may be amended or rescinded from time to time without a stockholder vote.
Investment Policies
We are in the business of owning, managing and operating enclosed retail centers and community centers across the United States and while we emphasize these real estate investments, we may also invest in equity or debt securities of other entities engaged in real estate activities or securities of other issuers. However, any of these investments would be subject to the percentage ownership limitations and gross income tests necessary for REIT qualification of WPG Inc. under federal tax laws as well as our own internal policies concerning conflicts of interest and related party transactions. These REIT limitations mean that we cannot make an investment that would cause our real estate assets to be less than 75% of our total assets. We must also derive at least 75% of our gross income directly or indirectly from investments relating to real property or mortgages on real property, including "rents from real property," dividends from other REITs and, in certain circumstances, interest from certain types of temporary investments. In addition, we must also derive at least 95% of our gross income from such real property investments, and from dividends, interest and gains from the sale or dispositions of stock or securities or from other combinations of the foregoing.
Subject to REIT limitations, we may invest in the securities of other issuers in connection with acquisitions of indirect interests in real estate. Such an investment would normally be in the form of general or limited partnership or membership interests in special purpose partnerships and limited liability companies that own one or more properties. We may, in the future, acquire all or substantially all of the securities or assets of other REITs, management companies or similar entities where such investments would be consistent with our investment policies.
Financing Policies
Because WPG Inc.'s REIT qualification requires it to distribute at least 90% of its taxable income, we regularly access the capital markets to raise the funds necessary to finance operations, acquisitions, strategic investments, development and redevelopment opportunities, and to refinance maturing debt. We must comply with customary covenants contained in our financing agreements that limit our ratio of debt to total assets or market value, as defined in such agreements. For example, WPG L.P.'s current line of credit and term loans contain covenants that restrict the total amount of debt of WPG L.P. to 60% of total assets, as defined under the related agreements, and secured debt to 40% of total assets, with slight easing of restrictions during the four trailing quarters following a portfolio acquisition. In addition, these agreements contain other covenants requiring compliance with financial ratios. Furthermore, the amount of debt that we may incur is limited as a practical matter by our desire to maintain acceptable ratings for our equity securities and debt securities of WPG L.P. We strive to maintain investment grade ratings at all times, but we cannot assure you that we will be able to do so in the future.
If WPG Inc.'s Board of Directors determines to seek additional capital, we may raise such capital by offering equity or debt securities, creating joint ventures with existing ownership interests in properties, entering into joint venture arrangements for new development projects, or a combination of these methods. If the Board of Directors determines to raise equity capital, it may, without shareholder approval, issue additional shares of common stock or other capital stock. The Board of Directors may issue a number of shares up to the amount of our authorized capital in any manner and on such terms and for such consideration as it deems appropriate. Such securities may be senior to the outstanding classes of common stock. Such securities also may include additional classes of preferred stock, which may be convertible into common stock. Existing shareholders have no preemptive right to purchase shares in any subsequent offering of WPG Inc.'s securities. Any such offering could dilute a shareholder's investment in WPG Inc.
We expect most future borrowings would be made through WPG L.P. or its subsidiaries. Borrowings may be in the form of bank borrowings, publicly and privately placed debt instruments, or purchase money obligations to the sellers of properties. Any such indebtedness may be secured or unsecured. Any such indebtedness may also have full or limited recourse to the borrower or be cross-collateralized with other debt, or may be fully or partially guaranteed by WPG L.P. Although we may borrow to fund the payment of dividends, we currently have no expectation that we will regularly do so. See "Financing and Debt" within Item 7, "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations," of this Form 10-K for a discussion of our debt arrangements as of December 31, 2016.
We could potentially issue additional debt securities through WPG L.P., and we may issue such debt securities which may be convertible into capital stock or be accompanied by warrants to purchase capital stock. We also may sell or securitize our lease receivables.